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Vocals is a musical journey in seven chapters, recorded and filmed in the neighbourhoods surrounding the Cinemascope studio in Stockholm. Click the numbers in the map above to jump to the different scenes of the movie.

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Music produced and arranged by Nils Berg Recorded at Stureparken Studio, Stockholm by Andreas Unge and on location by Nils Berg Mixed and mastered by August Wanngren at We Know Music, Copenhagen.

Nils Berg - Bass Clarinet, Flute, Tenor Sax, Violin, Omnichord, Piano, Alto Flute and Backing Vocals Christopher Cantillo - Drums and Omnichord Josef Kallerdahl - Double Bass and Electric Bass

Cinemaphotography by Miki Anagrius, Editing by Erik Barr, B-camera by Tetsu Koyanagi, Graphic Design by Erik Olovsson, Web Design by Per Gantelius / Stuffmatic, Illustrations by Sanna Haverinen, Executive Production by Josef Kallerdahl.

Youtube Originals

  1. Pashto Love (Traditional)
  2. Tensta - Malmö (Berg/Bendixon)
  3. Jab Jab Bahaar Aayee
  4. Oodhni (Himesh Reshammiya)
  5. Mitshe Dina (Nigmay Jigs)
  6. Another Side of Irish Music (Berg)
  7. Furusato (Berg)


This movie was created around a series of video clips of singers and players found on the internet. Click the song titles above to hear the original recordings of these extraordinary singers and musicians. Nils Berg Cinemascope wish to thank the following artists for their performances. You are the heart of our music!

Abbas Anand (3), Hafiz Gul Zaman (4,6), Bodil Bendixon and Röster Utan Gränser (2), Tensta Gospel (2), Unidentified Afghan boy (1), Kunzang Lhaden (5) - Vocals. Nicholas Cossentino (7) - Banjo. Zackarias Ulvskog (2) - Piano.

Introduction to "Jab Jab Bahaar Aayee" played by Mattias Ståhl - Harmonica, Viktor Skokić - Double Bass, Thomas Backman - Clarinet, Rasmus Borg - Accordeon and Jonathan Gustavsson - Trumpet


Hafiz Gul Zaman, Vocals and Percussion (4,6), filmed in Haripur, Pakistan.

Bodil Bendixon and Röster Utan Gränser, Malmö (2).

Tensta Gospel, filmed by Miki Anagrius, Stockholm (2). Piano chords and gospel direction by Zackarias Ulvskog.

Abbas Anand, Vocals and Percussion (3). Filmed in September, 2011 in Baltistan, Pakistan by Shahid Phaco.

The unidentified boy singing Pashto Love (1) was filmed in Afghanistan.

Nicholas Cossentino played the banjo (7) in Maryland, USA.

Kunzang Lhaden, Vocals (5) was captured by Tshering Tobgay in Talo, Bhutan in 2009.